Industrial Carts, Cart Lifts, and Conveyors Designed for Lean Material Handling Systems by K-Tec

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Proud to be Made in The U.S.A.
Designed & Manufactured
in Cleveland, Ohio
Pallet Truck with
Powered Roller Deck K-Tec Pallet Truck with Powered Roller Deck Industrial Cart
View Pallet Truck with Powered Roller Deck...
Practical Solutions for Lean Material Handling, Vol. 1, is the most complete CD resource for pictures, videos, literature, brochures and technical data on lean material flow systems.

Industrial Cart CD

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Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse Solutions

Stock Picker Carts
Stock Mover Carts
Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

Flat Deck Carts
Flat Deck TrakSteer Carts
LITE Econo-Carts
Delivery Carts
Roller Deck Carts
LoBoy™ Carts
Cart Lifts
Engineered Solutions

Custom Solutions

Genuine K-Tec Parts
Genuine K-Tec Parts

K-Tec Profile
K-Tec designs and manufactures industrial carts, cart lifts, and conveyor systems designed for building a lean material flow system. All products are engineered and built to meet strict ergonomic, safety and durability standards which differentiate the K-Tec method for material handling from other products. The K-Tec Consulting Services Group provides contract-based assistance for design or redesign of material flow within your facility, lean material flow feasibility analysis, ROI support, and cell design and equipment specifications. K-Tec also offers ETO (engineered to order) products to meet your specific material handling applications and facility needs.

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Not All Industrial Carts are Equal

Not All Industrial Carts are Equal
Download Industrial Carts Comparison Guide

Tugger and Cart Solution

Carts and Tuggers are Green and Lean

View Tugger and Carts Offer Green Solution to Lean Material Flow